CANADA: More time for talks with Belgium with a view to signing CETA on 27 October

Brussels, 24/10/2016 (Agence Europe)On Monday 24 October, the president of the European Council, Donald Tusk, and the Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, decided in the late afternoon to allow more time to enable Belgium to agree to sign the EU-Canada free-trade deal (CETA).  They also decided to keep the EU-Canada summit that was planned in Brussels for 27 October, hoping that CETA can be signed there.

Tusk tweeted shortly before 7.00pm after a telephone conversation with Trudeau that they thought the summit was still possible and encouraged all sides to find a solution as...

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Europe Diplomacy & Defense No. 930
Limits to claimed revival of European defence

In September, Federica Mogherini had announced an ambitious implementation plan for the security and defence chapter of the new EU Global Strategy, echoing insistent promises by several member states, including France and Germany, to reactivate European defence.  Since then, those states have been on a sagging curve as can be seen by the joint paper signed with Italy and Spain, which...

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1953 - 2016

On 12 March 1953, the first issue of the daily news bulletin "Europe" was published, and we are therefore celebrating our sixty-third anniversary. This is a ripe old age for a press agency, but is not extraordinary in and of itself: older news agencies exist, some of them much older. What is unusual about us is that we are exactly as old as the first European Community, the forerunner of today's European Union. In July 1952, the Paris Treaty came into force, giving rise to the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), and it was at the beginning of 1953 that the "ECSC levy" started being applied, the first European tax. In February 1953, the coal and steel markets were opened up to the six participating countries. This moment marked the end of prehistory and the beginning of history for the united Europe, and Agence Europe's newsletter took on its role of closely following developments in Europe's history from one day to the next.

Bulletin Quotidien Europe 11653 - 25/10/2016
CANADA: More time for talks with Belgium with a view to signing CETA on 27 October
TRADE: Agricultural aid reform already key issue for WTO conference at end of 2017
SYRIA: Verhofstadt slams Europe's weakness vis-a-vis Russia
IRAN : EU grants €6 million more in humanitarian aid for Afghan refugees
AFRICA: EU deeply regrets decision by South Africa and Burundi to withdraw from ICC
AFRICA:  Peace and security on the agenda of EU-Africa consultative meeting
HEALTH: Mixed balance sheet for cross-border healthcare directive
HEALTH: Commission says antimicrobial resistance action plan is efficient
JHA: France begins clearing Calais jungle
JHA: Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark and Norway awaiting Commission decision on Schengen controls
DIGITAL: French film makers sound alarm
AGRICULTURE: MEPs call for 30% of products used in contract catering to be organic
CONSUMERS: Jourova urges VW to recall rigged vehicles and to buy some of them back
INDUSTRY: European Parliament's EMIS committee hears German authorities
ENERGY: Poland leads revolt against Nord Stream-2 project
COMPETITION: Commission and Gazprom reported to be close to concluding over accusations of abuse of dominant position
TAXATION: Public register of trusts amended in France
STATE AID: Green light for high-efficiency cogeneration aid in Germany
STATE AID: Go-ahead for German electricity consumption-adjustment scheme
STATE AID: Commission clears Portuguese aid scheme for low-emission buses
BUDGET: European Parliament largely satisfied with proposals to revise multiannual financial framework
ADMINISTRATION: Ombudsman launches award for good administration
ECB: Head of Brussels office appointment cancelled
CYPRUS: New financial aid plan of €33 million for Turkish-Cypriot community
CITIZENSHIP: Petition for revising European Citizens Initiative
CLIMATE: Bulc at IMO to promote emissions monitoring agreement
CLIMATE: Paris Agreement receives 2016 Princess of Asturias award
TRADE:  Study into cumulated effects of free trade on EU agriculture promised for 29 November
NEW ZEALAND: Free trade negotiations process with the EU still on track
European Library: No. 1156