(AE) STATE AID: Commission calls for €6 million fine against Greece for failure to recover aid

Brussels, 22/07/2016 (Agence Europe) -On Friday 22 July, the European Commission announced its decision to bring Greece before the Court of Justice of the EU, as the country has failed to recover illegal aid for a total in excess of €250 million in favour of Hellenic Shipyards, despite the order to this effect issued by the Commission in 2008.

In 2012, the Court of Justice found against Greece in its failure to execute this decision, but the country has yet to comply with this judgement. The Commission is therefore calling upon the Court to fine Greece around €6 million. It is also...

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Europe Diplomacy & Defense No. 910
The more Minsk is implemented, the fewer sanctions there will be, says Jean-Claude Juncker

Brussels, 20/07/2016 (EDD) – Speaking in Brussels on Tuesday 19 July, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker explained that sanctions against the Russian Federation due to the conflict in eastern Ukraine could be gradually lifted as and when the Minsk agreements are implemented.

“The more Minsk agreement there is, the fewer sanctions there will be”, he explained during a...

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1953 - 2016

On 12 March 1953, the first issue of the daily news bulletin "Europe" was published, and we are therefore celebrating our sixty-third anniversary. This is a ripe old age for a press agency, but is not extraordinary in and of itself: older news agencies exist, some of them much older. What is unusual about us is that we are exactly as old as the first European Community, the forerunner of today's European Union. In July 1952, the Paris Treaty came into force, giving rise to the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), and it was at the beginning of 1953 that the "ECSC levy" started being applied, the first European tax. In February 1953, the coal and steel markets were opened up to the six participating countries. This moment marked the end of prehistory and the beginning of history for the united Europe, and Agence Europe's newsletter took on its role of closely following developments in Europe's history from one day to the next.

Bulletin Quotidien Europe 11599 - 23/7/2016
(AE) STATE AID: Commission calls for €6 million fine against Greece for failure to recover aid
(AE) TRANSPORT: Greece, Luxembourg and Romania risk daily fines for failing to implement single railway area
(AE) HEALTH: Luxembourg in dock for non-transposition of chemicals rules
(AE) ENVIRONMENT: Row between Poland and Czech Republic over toxic waste reaches Court
(AE) ENVIRONMENT: Bulgaria before Court over insufficient protection for wild birds in Rila Mountains
(AE) EMPLOYMENT: Barriers to freedom to supply services in Austria
(AE) PLANTS: Further letter of formal notice to Italy over Xylella fastidiosa
(AE) AGRICULTURE: Greece asked to amend law on affiliation of wine producers to cooperatives
(AE) INTERNAL MARKET: Commission monitors application of rules to counter trafficking of cultural goods
(AE) TAXATION: Commission calls upon Vienna to amend certain tax rules
(AE) ENERGY: France called to order over electricity directive
(AE) ENERGY: Bulgaria requested to fully apply Energy Performance of Buildings directive
(AE) COMMISSION: General court upholds lifting of Giovanni Kessler's immunity
(AE) SINGLE MARKET: National judgements not binding upon EUIPO
(AE) SOCIAL: Setting age limit for recruitment of police officers may be legal
(AE) ENERGY: Court of Auditors queries biofuel sustainability certification
(AE) HEALTH: Move towards preventive use of Truvada in EU
(AE) ENVIRONMENT: Three more GMOs approved in Europe
(AE) AGRICULTURE: Via Campesina calls for new European land policy
(AE) ECONOMY: Impact of Brexit - ECB waiting to see how things pan out before taking action
(AE) ECONOMY: Deficit down and debt up in eurozone in first quarter
(AE) EURO: Drop in counterfeiting of euro banknotes in first half of 2016
(AE) UNITED KINGDOM: Theresa May in Berlin and Paris to buy time to trigger Article 50
(AE) EEAS: Mogherini appoints 17 new heads of delegation
(AE) CHINA: Industry gives cautious welcome to Commission's solution for new anti-dumping calculation method
(AE) RUSSIA/UKRAINE: Kiev ready to resume talks on gas with Moscow
(AE) JORDAN: Simplified rules of origin for Jordanian exporters
(AE) ALBANIA: EU hails adoption of judicial reform
(AE) TURKEY: Even with state of emergency, core fundamental rights are inviolable, EU says
(AE) TURKEY: Ankara to derogate from convention on human rights
(AE) Major events of European institutions 25-31/07
(AE) Other events 25- 31/07